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Peace on Your Journey

Kishar Spiritual (with John Lawyer)

Each week, we present two enlightening episodes: 

In our 'Journey,' series on Mondays, I share tales from my spiritual voyage and discuss diverse spiritual traditions and concepts. 

In our ‘Beyond the Book’ series on Thursdays, I discuss and reflect on spiritual books shaping our paths.

Welcome to a space dedicated to supporting spiritual travelers on their unique path. Grounded in the principles of Omnism & Universalism, our channel is as a guide for those seeking clarity, connection & a deeper understanding of themselves. 

John is a former soldier with an inspiring story of transformation delving into spirituality. 

This is a portal to, our spiritual community named after the ancient Sumerian Mother Earth Goddess. We support the concept of the Journey, symbolized by the line on the horizon, guiding us toward understanding. 

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